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102                                  AND BCHKAH FABUXEIS TO XOB BOIX
Or? againj ill the words of Catullus—
Leye tympanum remogitj caira cymbak reorepant,
Ubi sacra sancta acutis ululatibus agrfcant,
Qnatiiuitqiie terga tauri teneris cava digitis:
while £he actors in the ckaupdi with dagger in hand recalled the pictures of the
Corybantes or Phrygian priests of Cybele, the very persons to whom the poet
refera. In Greece the Indian Holi found its equivalent in the Dionysia, when
ifae phallus, ihe symbol of the fertility of nature, was borne in procession, as it
now is here., and when it was thought a disgrace to remain sober. In like
manner ihe Gosains and other actors in the Indian show are quite as much
inspired in their frenzied action by their copious preliminary libations as by the
excitement of the scene and the barbarous music of the drums, cymbals, and
ilmbrels that accompany them,                           ; «